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How many huskies?
We all have been told many things. One is enough, two keep each other occupied, the more the merrier, three's company, etc. Potato chip syndrome at its finest!

How many huskies do you think make a house a home?
5 or more6%

Past Polls

5/10/2011: The Eyes Have It
The eyes of a husky are typically almond shaped and moderately spaced. Their eyes can range in color, with both eyes not necessarily being the same color; for instance, two blue eyes, two brown eyes, one of each (bi-eyed), or even one eye with both brown and blue in it (parti-eyed).

What color eye pattern do you like most in a husky?
brown or amber5%
blue or green64%

2/18/2011: Name that Foster Dog
Pick a new name for our future foster. CLICK HERE TO SEE PICTURE

What should be our newest foster dog's name?

2/8/2009: Huskies, huskies all around ...
Every person we meet has a different story as to how they became "owned" by their husky. What's yours???(Please come back each day and tell us how you got each one of yours since we know everyone owns more than "just one".)

Where did you get your husky(ies) from?
Shelter Facility27%
Rescue Organization18%
Pet Store7%
Other(friend, stray, etc)23%

9/28/2008: Siberian Huskies, you gotta lov'em...
Siberian Huskies are sometimes said to have "multiple personalities" because they have so many traits that some find "endearing" and others, not so much so. (Click on each answer to learn about the personality trait, thanks to Tails of the Tundra)

Which of the following traits do you find most "endearing" in your husky?
The "Guardian"21%
The "Athlete"11%
The "Socialite"26%
The "Dietician"5%
The "Einstein"37%

7/8/2008: Water Dogs?
Now that the heat of the summer has kicked up, Siberian Huskies are always looking for new ways to "stay cool". Humans know that one way to keep the heat at bay is to stay close to or in a pool or other body of water. Kids even love to just run around and through a sprinkler to stay cool, but what can our beloved "furkids" do to "beat the heat"?

Does your husky like to get wet?
sure, but not when the word "bath" is included21%
a light sprinkle is ok, but no dunking please7%
bring on the baby pool!7%
only if the water is white and frozen21%
just a dip of the paws is all it takes43%

3/7/2008: Spring is in the air...
Husky hair is flying again! Is your husky showing signs of spring? Does your husky have those funny little "clumps" sticking out all over him/her? Are you a "pluckaholic"?

How often do you brush your huskies?
1-3 days a week48%
every other day13%
once a day23%
NEVER, that's what the groomer is for 0%
Brush, oh I thought that was just another chew toy16%

12/27/2007: Cold winter nights???
Ok, so how many of you let your hairy huskies in your bed at night? Do they have their own special spot in the bedroom? Is your husky a bed hog? Or do they prefer a cooler spot?

Where does your husky sleep at night?
in the bedroom, on human bed32%
in the bedroom, on their own bed22%
other part of the house 0%
outside 0%
wherever my husky wants to, of course!45%

11/5/2007: Husky Christmas List
Has your husky been "good or bad" this year? What will he/she be putting in their letter to Santa Paws?

What does your husky want for Christmas???
more attention from their humans39%
another husky pack member17%
treats, treats and more treats22%
squeaky toys galore6%

9/12/2007: Fetching Huskies?
Are you one of the rare people to be owned by a husky who DOES play fetch? Or does your sibe have his own "husky" version of the game. Please do tell, so we can commisserate appropriately or envy you until the ends of the earth.

How does your Siberian Husky play "fetch"?
1-human throws toy, husky stares in disbelief24%
2-human throws toy, husky chases toy, but then acts innocent8%
3-human throws toy, husky chases toy, picks up toy but runs away
4-human throws toy, husky chases, brings back to play keep-away36%
5-human throws toy, husky fetches toy but brings it back in pieces8%

7/19/2007: Hair hair EVERYWHERE!
A house is not a home without a little husky hair! With all this heat and humidity drowning us this summer so far...our dogs have been blowing coat like CRAZY!

How many times a week do you vacuum/sweep husky hair from your home?
Obviously not often enough because we can't find the TV remote!18%

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