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We strive to find a forever home for every SHINE foster dog, but that is not always possible. Sometimes foster dogs present challenges once in our foster program. In each case, our SHINE Board discusses the challenges and must make the difficult decision about an individual foster dogs' future. Some foster dogs become "Forever Fosters" where the board has decided the challenges that the foster dog presents makes them "unadoptable" to a new forever home, but they deserve a "forever home", so those dogs remain foster dogs for the remainder of their lives and SHINE will be responsible for their care. SHINE desperately needs your help to keep these "forever fosters" in the SHINE Forever Foster program.

Please donate to our Forever Foster Fund by clicking the icon below or visit a Forever Foster's individual page to "sponsor" that dog:

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, to the tip of our husky tails...

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RIP April 2013

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