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Fairy Tale becomes reality...UPDATED November 2012!

RIP Sabre Ikaika Speedracer 7/16/05 ~ 10/16/12

From Sabre's Mom, SHINE volunteer Alexis: Our story began six years ago, when I made the statement that ¡°Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, but for a special family, it can be defined in one word..... ¡®Sabre¡¯.¡±
I believe that certain souls, most especially exceptional animals are temporary loans to us here on Earth. Sabre defied the odds and made miraculous recoveries from a plethora of health problems a multitude of times during his brief life earning his middle name of ¡°Ikaika¡±, which means ¡°strength¡±. However, the time came for my Prince Charming to be returned to Above, gain his angel wings and silver harness, and rest.
This mighty man renewed our faith in believing in positive thinking, as well as enjoying the gifts that we are given each and every day. Sabre continually reminded us to live in the moment, for we are uncertain of what tomorrow will hold. While his earthly presence ceases, we will profoundly be different because of the braveness that he demonstrated, the joy that he brought, and the unconditional love that he exhibited. ¢¾ ¡°I love you right up to the moon¡¦ and back!¡±¡¦ Always & Forever. ¢¾

UDPDATE September 2007: After recently celebrating his third birthday with "Sabre's Soiree", everyone's favorite white S.H.I.N.E. ambassador is looking forward to fall! As the seasons change, Sabre is enjoying sniffing autumn in with long walks and romps in the yard with his fur ruffling in the breeze. A recent veterinary work-up revealed that our Prince Charming is still claiming his royal throne, and should continue to due to a relatively clean bill of health. The veterinary team thinks that he "looks fantastic", which is always a positive to hear! Some neurological misfires with the changes in barometric pressure are causing some behavior problems, but as a family, we are working hard to ride the wave of change in hopes of another calm lull. Sabre has recently lost all of his husky brothers, and after a period of grief, has returned to his jolly and smiling self. He has been hosting neighborhood socials, and really enjoys playing with his growing kitten brother, Hpnotiq. They are the "Mutt and Jeff" of the new millennium. We hope for many positive days to come, and as always attribute the current favorable health status to your continued support, prayers, and assistance. More updates, photos, and videos will be forthcoming....

Please consider contributing to Sabre's Savings to encourage others to rescue "special" dogs such as our infamous self-declared Prince! ..

For more background information, please read Sabre's Saga as told by his wonderful foster family and now new owners.

Sabre and his foster family have bonded through the traumatic events since his entrance into rescue and they have now officially adopted him. There are so many wonderful siberians such as this Prince Charming waiting in shelters & rescue groups.

Please contact us or complete our online application to assist SHINE in our plight to fight for homeless huskies!

Thank you God, for loving me, and sparing me from death,
It feels so good just to be alive, and I¡¯m grateful for every breath.
I grew up hearing I was bad, each day the list seemed longer,
I tried so hard to heal myself, and prayed you¡¯d make me stronger.
Asthma first, an enlarged heart, a hernia, itchy skin,
Then epilepsy, reared its head, so it seemed I couldn¡¯t win.

Overnight, my life was changed, as ¡°Burden¡± became my new name,
And from that moment, my hopeful heart, beat unsteadily with pain.
No one wanted to hear my plea, that I really was worth saving,
¡°He costs too much, his meds are high¡±¡¦They never ceased their raving.
Every night, I¡¯d shake in fear, that soon their love would die
And so I swirled amidst the shadows, and pretended not to cry.

¡°You¡¯re a poor excuse for a husky, you never should have been born!¡±
What little bit of pride I¡¯d kept, was finally shattered and torn.
They took my harness off my back, the collar was cut in two
As one by one they looked at me, and said, ¡°No more, We¡¯re through!¡±
I rode beside them in our car, my nose across the seat,
Just the way I always had, back when I was good and sweet.
The shelter took me in that day, and showed me to my stall,
Where secret terrors and silent screams reflected off the wall.
I¡¯m not sure why they let me live, but my days were growing dim,
I waited, in the gloom of hurt, as they echoed ¡°No, not him.¡±

Then suddenly, as if the dream, that visited me in sleep,
Brought forth two angels, to rescue me, with promises I knew they¡¯d keep.
I looked into their tear-filled eyes, and felt their soft warm kisses.
Hearing that the best in life, is a treasure, that someone else misses.
They didn¡¯t seem to be mad at me, and they actually, looked quite proud,
Inviting me to share in a life, where imperfections were allowed.
They changed the way I saw myself, and I wooed my thanks above,
¡°Bad¡± was banished, ¡°special¡± was born, and I learned unconditional love.

-Marisa Rabon, 2006, in honor of Sabre Ikaika Speedracer

If you would like to begin a fundraiser for Sabre's Savings to assist with his phenomenal medical bills, please contact SHINE. You may also donate by clicking the icon below

or you can mail your tax deductible donation to
Sabre Savings
P.O. Box 6215
Newport News, VA 23606

You can see much more of Sabre on his ever updated photo wall.


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