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Wish List

All the following can be found at PetsMart or most other local pet stores:
PetsMart gift cards
Grooming services
Behavior Training/Evaluation services
Gentle Leaders(head collar)
Halti head collars(size 2)
medium&large harnesses
medium dog toys
Nylabone hard(not soft or rubbery) chew bones
stainless steel food bowls(2 cup size)
premium large breed dog food(preferably Nutro or Authority brands)
large breed dog biscuits/treats(preferably Nutro or Authority brands)
dog food containers
Old Mother Hubbard Dog Large Dog Treats
Better Than Ears dog treats
medium/large dog crates
Bedding: crate pads/mats & dog beds
Grooming supplies(undercoat rakes, doggie colognes, dog shampoo/conditioner, etc)
dog tags(foster & permanent)
Other items:
items for auction/donation
sticky notes
business cards - white or grey
medium card stock - grey
large plastic bins(to store dog food/treats in)
business size envelopes
plain white printer paper
hanging file folders

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