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True Husky Spirit

*artwork by Lynne Kerstetter*
*artwork by Lynne Kerstetter*

From my experience fostering and placing these pets, I want to help potential adopters understand the characteristics of the Siberian husky to help reduce surprises, frustration, disappointment and even
abandonment. Siberian huskies are high-energy dogs that must have an occupation — they need to work! These dogs demand your attention and will get it, one way or another. Siberians run and roam. They cannot be trained NOT to run. Siberians are escape artists. A Siberian will find a way to “escape” and unfortunately has no street sense or homing instinct whatsoever. So more than about any other breed, the Siberian husky must be on leash or in a securely-fenced area and supervised at all times.

Siberian huskies dig holes to cool off in the summer or to form nice cozy nests in the winter. Landscaping is not their strength. A Siberian husky is NOT a watch/guard dog. Siberians are not inclined to give even warning barks. Siberians shed A LOT. Shedding comes and goes with the seasons but continues all year round with more
intense periods of shedding at the change of seasons. Expect lots of fur.

Perhaps one of the most endearing characteristics of Siberian Huskies is that they “talk”. They speak in “woos” and bays, vice barks and yips. Siberian huskies are “strong, stubborn, independent, and rambunctious”. Similarly, others would say they are “powerful, persistent, smart and full of energy and stamina”.

Training a Siberian husky requires patience. They do not react well to coercive means of training, but need a strong intelligent owner. More important than physical strength, the owner must be strong in character and consistent. As a general rule, Siberian huskies have a high prey instinct, so if you have other small animals, your Siberian may see them as prey.

Most of all, it’s important to remember, the Siberian huskies you see in movies are not the dogs you will meet or
own. Talk to people at the end of any Siberian’s leash. Those of us who are owned by Siberians tend to love to talk about ours, so please ask!

Erica Mascarello, President/Founder - SHINE of VA, Inc.

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