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Our Mommy has gone away, taken to heaven one early spring day.
We were her "babies", she loved us to no end.
It will take some time but our hearts will mend.

With a little help from SHINE, we'll all find homes and be just fine.
Please help us enjoy all the remaining days,
As our mom would have wanted, with only love and praise.

Please visit my "sisters" too: Shasta, Samantha and Stray

For the last 2-3 years Skye lived a wonderful life with her sister huskies and a mom who thought she was oh so special. Then everything changed. People came and went, then Mommy left and never came back. Skye is confused but wants to love and be loved, she just doesn't want her fragile heart broken again. Young and exhuberant when she is comfortable, she is shy and reserved with new people and things but is a typical husky on most good days. She digs, escapes low fences and is very energetic. She enjoys a good game of catch and fetch meaning she catches the toy/bone that you toss and then YOU have to go fetch if from her!


Her beautiful blue eyes beg for love, adoration and adventure. She is housebroken, knows where a leash can take her(in a good way) but has had limited experience with a crate. Very skittish of loud noises, anything startling or harsh, but still tries to investigate after backing away. Skye needs a secure home with no small animals(read: anything smaller than her) where she can be loved and feel secure again and become the husky diva she is destined to be.



If you are the family who adopted Skye, please contact us so we can keep this happy tails page updated with wonderful stories of her happy ending!

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