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Happy Tails


no cats ADOPTED April 2008

Our Mommy has gone away, taken to heaven one early spring day.
We were her "babies", she loved us to no end.
It will take some time but our hearts will mend.

With a little help from SHINE, we'll all find homes and be just fine.
Please help us enjoy all the remaining days,
As our mom would have wanted, with only love and praise.

Please visit my "sisters" too: Skye, Samantha and Stray

Named for the beautiful Mount Shasta in the Cascade mountains, Shasta is a beauty to behold, just like her namesake. She has been well cared for, a little too well really, and will need some help losing some of her "fluff". But Shasta's personality is her most memorable quality. Outgoing and extremely affectionate with her thousand kisses, Shasta knows no stranger. She beams with pride and joy by the side of any friend, human or canine. Even at about 7-8 years of age, she still enjoys romping with her sisters, Stray and Skye, of course only until the matriarch, Sitka, breaks it up. Long walks in a friendly neighborhood would do Shasta wonders to lose some of her "fluff" and because she is such a socialite. Or she needs a home with a secure tall fence, since she likes to go socialize on her own at times. She has not lived with other small pets before, of course except for her sisters who, right now, are all smaller than her.


If you are the family who adopted Shasta, please contact us so we can keep this Happy Tails page updated with her wonderous journey!

Happy Tails Shasta!!!


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