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Tikaani is:

Husky and/or Malamute Mix

Black/browns-red/White colored

2 years young


Size: XL probably weighing approx 80# (still a little underweight right now)


Extremely gentle with a great personality and offers big wet doggie kisses

Great with all dogs (is willing to submit to an alpha male or female without much dispute)

Was pulled from a shelter in South Carolina the day he was to be euthanized.

Grew up with three male Rottweilers.

Great with my cats (who love to play with his collar tags and he is not the least bit bothered by NOTE THOUGH it can be risky to place a husky or malamute with cats as they may turn and see them as prey not their companions)

Great with my three female dogs

LOVES to play and will just as well prefer to roll over for a belly rub

LOVES to cuddle and curl up on the bed or couch with you (warning he takes up a lot of space! Hahaha)

Needs a lot of space to run he loves going to the dog park and just running running running

Loves to hug (but since hes so huge Im trying to work on this)

Rides great in the car.

Good on leash (its like walking a giraffe)

Great with kids and all people (hasnt shown fear or aggression to anyone!)

and has been adopted through  Diamonds In The Ruff Pet Rescue.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS A SHINE REFERRAL DOG! SHINE posted this dog to bring more exposure to him while he was in the care of another all breed rescue. Hopefully this listing helped him find his new forever home!

If you are the family who adopted Tikaani, please contact us as we would love to keep this Happy Tails page updated with wonderful stories from his new home! Thanks.

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