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Bailey Blue
Bailey Blue
Bailey Blue

formerly ID# 0609-0115
a.k.a. Felicia
Such a a sweetie!

Miss Bailey Blue, formerly Felicia from the Norfolk Animal Management Center in Norfolk, VA is now in a SHINE foster home and doing wonderfully. She would like to tell you a little bit about herself, in her own words...

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS A SHINE REFERRAL DOG! SHINE posted this dog to bring more exposure to her while she was in the city animal control facility on borrowed time.

Bailey Blue

Hello, my name is Bailey Blue. I am a fun loving, affectionate girl that loves to snuggle and give kisses, the more kisses the better. I got my name from my Bailey's color coat and sky blue eyes, but do not let my sweet look and loving eyes fool you. My foster mom says I am all husky, so you will have to know how to handle my typical husky traits and tricks. I also love to play with other dogs, but I play husky "ruff", at least that is what my foster mom calls it. I just call it having fun. I like squirrels and rabbits a little too much from what I have been told and will follow them right over the fence if it is too small, so I will need you to have a six foot fence. My foster mom has taught me these things with her hands that tell me to sit, down, off and out kind of stuff. She also tells me I have to be in a kennel of some sort when you are not home becuase I like to find things to do if I get bored. I do not like to be bored, but who does?  I just love kids, but they better be ready to play with me and understand like I said before, I play "ruff", so I might accidentally hurt some of the real little humans if not supervised well.

Bailey Blue

UPDATE: June 2008: Bailey Blue has been ADOPTED! Here is a snippet from her new owners...
"Now on to Bailey, she is WONDERFUL! We love her so much I am not able to put it into words except to say that she was born to be with me. Cary and the kids have bonded with her, how could you not? But she and I have a special bond. I don't get a feeling that Bailey was ever abused but there is something in her spirit that I connect with. She and Boston love each other and play all the time. Bailey has learned how to let Boston know that she has had enough, and Boston has learned how to listen! They are playing as I type, Boston is under the breakfast table trying to grab at Bailey's paws while she tempts him out from under the table. Too cute!"
And a new picture:

Bailey Blue

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