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Yeah, I know I'm cool...and I want to tell you all about it!
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Wolfgang is a friendly, affectionate, playful and alert 7 year young neutered male husky who had the fortunate luck to have a good Samaritan find him in his wayward travels and take him under her wing. His foster mom gave him everything he needed, and has finally decided to keep him. On his wayward travels, Wolfgang found a new delicacy....felines. Wolfgang has at times injured his foster moms cats and that is actually not atypical for the husky breed in general. But this dapper gentleman has many other much more redeeming qualities, according to his foster mom. Wolfgang is housebroken, good with all other dogs and most all people but has not been tested with very young children(under 8 years old)yet. Wolfgang has finally found a home with a fenced yard where he can live inside the house with the rest of his pack, which does include two other canine companions.

Happy Tails Wolfgang!

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