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ID# 0607-5007
Don't you want to get to know me?

Denali was adopted from Norfolk Animal Management Center in Norfolk, VA.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS WAS A SHINE REFERRAL DOG! SHINE posted this dog to bring more exposure to him while he was in the city animal control facility on borrowed time.

Denali is a dilute black/white, 3 yr old intact male husky with a soulful open face and blue eyes. He currently weighs about 40lbs, but needs to add about 10lbs to that. He knows his basic obedience commands like sit, down, wait and stay by using both verbal and facial cues, and will probably be easy to train further. He may have been crate trained and probably at least needs a refresher course on his housebreaking skills. Denali is friendly, submissive and recieves affection well(such as soft head pats) from everyone, and does seek out the attention at times. He is dignified, gentle and extremely gentle with taking food/treats which most times includes a happy wag of his tail. Denali responds to his name although with a timid interest. He probably would be good with other dogs, but this has not been confirmed.

DenaliSeems Denali may have had a pretty rough past and some things may scare him a bit, like sudden movements or noises. He longs to be loved and cuddled close but will need some coaxing to be the best husky he was meant to be! Because of Denali's somewhat insecure nature, SHINE recommends that his new home not have any children under the age of 12 years old.

Do you have the time, patience and love to give Denali the attention and affection he longs for and to walk down that road with Denali? He desperately needs YOU!!!

If you are the family who adopted Denali, please tell us! Thanks.

Happy Tails Denali!

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