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ID# 0608-0124
With tons of fun and frolicking to come...

Lakota was adopted from the Norfolk Animal Management Center in Norfolk, VA.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SHINE REFERRAL DOG! SHINE posted this dog to bring more exposure to him while he was in the city animal control facility on borrowed time. Hopefully this listing will helped him find his forever home!  

Lakota is friendly, confident, outgoing, gentle, independent, and VERY alert but a bit aloof at times as he does not seek out love and attention but is more interested in his ever changing surroundings. He was a stray on the run and since his diet probably was lacking, he is lacking some poundage too, weighing in at only around 35-40lbs. He could put on a good 20lbs of love!

Lakota seems to be quite the fledgling escape artist in the making, since he even climbed his kennel at the shelter and seemed to be eyeing the latch to try to figure a way out! He is approximately 2 years old, easy going but full of energy, trainable with patience, persistence and the right reward. Probably would love a home with a very active person who would love to hear all about his travels, yes, Lakota is quite the talker! Lakota probably would be easy to manage for the right person and seems as though he may be crate-trained or even somewhat housebroken already, but would do best in a "husky savvy" home or with someone who understands his "husky" traits. You can learn more about a typical Siberian here.

LakotaLakota has not been tested with other small dogs or animals, but seems very interested in the other dogs in the shelter setting. Ultimately he is an independent husky spirit who was searching for a home where he can be his true husky self and be adequately adored for it!

Was that your home? If you are Lakota's new family we would love to hear how he is doing. Please contact us.

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