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Happy Tails


ADOPTED May 2005

Found his forever home in Gloucester, VA!

"The Nashinator" as he is affectionately called by his S.H.I.N.E. foster parents, Nash found a family wanting a dog to grow up with. A young boy to walk and romp with and Mom who only buys the best of everything for him. He's definately a handful, but they were ready for it and all I hear is that they are still adjusting. Mom says it's like having a child all over again! A furry child indeed! 

You can see more photos at Nash's photo wall.

Update 9/20/2006: Nash's mom reports "He's doing great. He is totally spoiled rotton by the whole family. He's seems to have calmed down a little (or either I am just used to it now). He still tortures the cat but she tortures him right back. He loves his walks that we try to due almost every night when it is a little cooler. He's the greatest and thank you again for letting us have him!"

Don't forget to check back often for updates!

Happy Tails Nash!

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