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Happy Tails


ADOPTED November 2004

Found his forever home in Newport News, VA!

Niko was found as a stray in Chesapeake with a condition called entropia which made his eyes very painful and weepy. Chesapeake Humane Society contacted S.H.I.N.E. to see if the surgery could be arranged to fix Niko's eyes. S.H.I.N.E. took on this great challenge and after the surgery and a few weeks of TLC, Niko's eyes were AOK. Niko was not your typical happy go lucky husky while in rescue, he was a "loner" but also was nicknamed the "love sponge" as he would just suck the love right out of you, if he was anywhere near you. Definately a human in dog fur. Niko's new mom says she fell in love at first sight and Niko was to be her birthday present and says now, the best one ever! Niko is "part of the family and it seems like he's been here forever, not just this short while". Sounds like Niko's got a little "brain sponge" going on too! We are so happy for you Niko! 

You can see more photos at Niko's photo wall.

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Happy Tails Niko!

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