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Happy Tails


Found a wonderful home in Chesapeake, VA!!!

Who says shadows are gray? I'm all white and I will be your shadow. I will follow you everywhere and anywhere. You won't see me though until you turn around or try to sit down. Then I'm right there looking up at you. I won't speak to you until I need something and I don't need much at all. The basics, a nice snuggle place to call my own, a human or two(or more) to admire(read: pet) my beautiful white coat, a canine playmate or two would be nice for an occasional playdate in a nice fenced area and even those felines aren't too shabby, even though they pretty much get ignored. I had a home for many years where I was the center of the universe. I want/expect the stars to align and that to happen again very soon. I deserve it. I am worth it. I have some special medical needs(daily meds to control a minor health issue), but don't all stars have a little "baggage" or "secrets in their closet"? I too, like the stars, am of a petite build and have some special talents as well. I help with the dishes(read: clean the plates left after dinner off the counter) and socialize with all the neighbors to keep good relations(read: talk to the neighbor dogs through the fences), but best of all I'm just plain gorgeous. Some say I'm as white and sweet as pure sugar, but I don't like to brag. ;-) Will you be my new BFF? If you would like to apply, I'm entertainig applications here: SHINE application. This agency is absolutely top notch and the best, so please send in your application today!

Lovely 8 year old spayed female white husky. Good with cats, all dogs and children of all ages!


UPDATE: Tasha has found a wonderful home in Chesapeake, VA with a very doting and diligent mom and a new boy to call her own. She has become the mascot of a baseball team and loves one and all whom she meets on her many daily walks around the neighborhood. Congrats Tasha...you got everything you ever asked for. Happy Tails!!!

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