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National Canine Cancer Foundation

Cancer is the number one cause of death in dogs.  

One out of every three dogs will get Cancer and 50% of those will die.

We all must work together, and if we do we will reach 
                  our goal and find the cures for Cancer in dogs.

Our organization is the National Canine Cancer Foundation and through our We are the Cure  campaign, we have a goal of raising $250 million dollars for cancer research in dogs. 

     But we cannot do it without your help. 
You, all of us, are the cure for cancer.
Check us out, and once you see that our heart and passion is for fighting cancer in dogs, we ask you to donate $10 or more.

$10 does not buy much these days, maybe three gallons of gas, or lunch at a fast food restaurant. So you might wonder how $10 can do much for canine cancer research either, but...
                                   If we all work together, yours, mine, 
                                  every dog owner and dog lover's $10 
                                         will make the difference.
If all us give $10 we will surpass our goal of $250 million and we will find the cure.  And for your $10 donation, you will receive a very nice Pink Paw car magnet showing your support for canine cancer research.

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