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On Monday, February 14th, a small approximately 1 yr old female husky was hit by a car and picked up by Virginia Beach Animal Control. That same day, S.H.I.N.E. of Virginia was contacted via email through our website by a volunteer, Pat Wise with Friends of Virginia Beach Animal Control to see if we could help in any way. The dog was assessed by a Tidewater Emergency Vet in Virginia Beach and found to have a dislocated hip in one leg, a facture in a front leg and torn ligaments in the third. She was in really bad shape, but the founder of SHINE and her volunteers rushed to the rescue. According to Virginia law, a dog with no collar and no tags has to be kept for 5 days and then can be released to be adopted. So we waited.

Erica Mascarello, founder and president of SHINE, put out a call to all her board members and volunteers to help save this precious little girl. JC Klenow, volunteer and board member volunteered to make the first leg of the transfer from Virginia Beach to Toano with a transfer in Newport News. The target was the Anderson Corners Animal Hospital, with the amazing Dr. Andrew Murphie. This animal hospital is known for their exquisite care and Dr. Murphie’s expertise in orthopedic surgeries and this poor puppy needed all the help, love and prayers she could get. The second leg of the transport was completed by Barbara Gilroy and Jack Chalmers from Lanexa, VA also SHINE volunteers and approved adopters. Another volunteer and board member, Samantha Welch, in Newport News, met with JC, Barb and Jack to make sure that our new rescue had her own personal SHINE name tag before the last leg of the trip. Arriving at Anderson Corners Animal Hospital, she was met by other SHINE volunteers from Williamsburg, Kris Prince and daughter Kara Prince, where she was checked in, assessed by the vet on duty and made as comfortable as possible. Later in the day she was examined by Dr Murphie and was found to have a hip relocated and in a sling, severe tears of 2 tendons, and a fractured front paw. The front paw was repaired on Sunday, February 20th and as of Thursday, February 24th, after a probono consult with Dr. Roy Barnes(THANK YOU DR BARNES!) of Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates in Richmond, VA, she is on strict cage rest for 5 weeks in hopes that her injured knee and hip will heal and strengthen so that future surgery may not be necessary, but stay tuned. She will be a resident of Anderson's Corner Animal Hospital for at least another week so her recovery can be monitored very carefully.

S.H.I.N.E of Virginia is paying for anything this little one will need up until she is medically released to find a new home. To date those costs total over $1500 and her care and recovery is just beginning. Please support S.H.I.N.E. and help this puppy have a happy, healthy future outlook on life. We will keep updating on her progress through our Facebook page and here on our website, so please do all you can to support our efforts. You can support us by making an online donation through the Paypal link on our Support SHINE page, or you can mail your donations to the address listed here: Contact S.H.I.N.E.


Tikaani sends kisses to all those who are supporting and praying for her recovery.

UPDATE: Our little fighter will be released to her rehab foster home on Friday, March 4th! Rechecks and splint changes will follow in the weeks to come while on strict cage rest. Will start canine rehab soon after being released with Susan Mize, of Hampton Roads Canine Rehabilitation. Keep fingers and paws crossed that hip stays put and only gets stronger and that knee keeps healing so surgery will not be necessary at all. Stay tuned for more photos and personality updates as we get to know our little angel better while she will be recouping in her rehab foster home.

UPDATE 03-16-2011: Tikaani has been doing incredibly well in her rehab foster home. Learning house rules, training on a leash and being as much of an angel as any 1yr old female husky who has been couped up for over a month now can be. ;-) Her foster mom and dad report that she has started to "woo woo" and order them around, is very vocal in letting them know when she needs to go out to take care of business and at other times is very content to just lay around and enjoy the comforts of "home". Tomorrow Tikaani will see Dr Murphie again and hopefully her splint will come off and she may be released to begin receiving some physical therapy. Her hip has remained strong and in socket, she is putting a little more weight on her knee and she still clubs around with her splint like a pro. Tikaani is definately a trooper and she can't wait to someday find the freedom to run and play with other dogs in a safe environment, where she can truly be a husky at play. Stay tuned for more updates and more pics and maybe a video soon!

UPDATE 04-11-2011: On Thursday, March 17th at a follow up appointment with Doc, Tikaani did indeed get her "freedom" a little more with the removal of her splint that had been letting her fractured front wrist heal. Doc says we are doing very well on that front so he wanted to see her in 2 more weeks to evaluate her rear knee. On Thursday, March 31st Doc again evaluated Tikaani's injured knee and felt it was time to address her injury surgically so upon consultation with Dr Barnes, an appointment with Dr Barnes was set up for April 13th with the intent to have surgery that day on her rear knee. We will know more about her surgery and recovery after the consult and will update the site as such. Tikaani's extensive medical bills continue to build up so we are always looking for any donations you can spare. As for our little Valentine miracle, she is doing absolutely wonderful. Really enjoying this early spring weather from her foster screened porch and by going on short walks with her foster parents. She is still as sweet as can be and doing extremely well with her house manners and leash training. Smart cookie that one. She has already trained her foster mom and dad to feed her twice a day, on time, and that when she yips and then howls, she is to be walked outside to do her business, toute suite. Tikaani loves to meet new people and dogs, but can still get a bit over excited. She will continue her training even through her continuing rehab. Keep checking back for updates and we might figure out how to post a video or at least a sound clip of her wonderful singing voice soon!

Here is a video of our sweet Tikaani enjoying a spring day in her foster mom's porch doing normal doggie do's.

UPDATE 4-27-2011: Tikaani is 2 weeks post knee surgery here. Dr Barnes is very pleased and removed her sutures today. Her knee is still locked in a position for 2 more weeks then hopefully she will be given some "wiggle room" to test out her new knee. She does use it some, even with the hinge locked in place and it doesn't seem to bother her much at all. She was starting to eat better before the surgery but has regressed a bit due to medications so those are being discontinued by this weekend she will only be on pain meds as needed. 6 more weeks of restriction and we are all counting the days. Dr Barnes says we can start some physical therapy as soon as 2 weeks from now so we are excited. All in all, status quo and onward we go! Please keep checking back and supporting us and Tikaani any way that you can! Thanks to one and all!

UPDATE 08-03-2011: Long overdue. Still under the watchful eye of Dr Barnes, Tikaani has been steadily improving. Longer walks, more physical therapy, and tons more playtime, albeit still inside in one level of her foster home, but we are working up to some time outside on a long lead. Tikaani made appearances at many adoption events in the late spring and early summer where she was welcomed by one and all, furry friends included. The future is bright for our little valentine. Another follow up is planned with Dr Barnes in mid September when we all have high hopes that Tikaani will edge even closer to her ultimate "release" date. It has been a long bumpy ride for Tikaani but she has been a character through it all. Stay tuned for more updates soon and in the meantime, enjoy the Tikanni video at the top of the page which was created especially for SHINE by a generous supporter, at no cost to rescue to assist in our fundraising endeavors. Tikaani's medical bills have totalled over $5000 and we need ALL the support we can get. Every penny counts! Just like our motto, Saving Siberians, One husky at a time, we will perservere to raise all the funds needed for Tikaani, one donation at a time. Thank you to all who have and continue to support our efforts.

UPDATE 11-1-2011: Last September visit to Dr Barnes has proved to be the turning point for little miss Tikaani. She was released to do 7 stairs at a time for the first time since her accident and it has made all the difference. Tikaani made appearances at many fall events around the area and was a star at each and every one. Everyone has high hopes that after our next appointment with Dr Barnes we may hear some very good news. Please stay tuned as we feel Tikaani may be looking for her new forever home before the holidays are over.

UPDATE 12-3-2011: At long last. Tikaani made her "debut" at the Williamsburg Christmas Parade and is now officially available for adoption. Since the last update, she was seen by Dr Barnes and released from her knee recovery program and given the all clear to do as much activity as she could tolerate. After being released by Dr Barnes a trip to Dr Murphie was in order because after a slight scrape injury on her one leg scar visible where her front leg bone pierced the skin, Tikaani would not stop re-opening the wound. That made us all suspicious and Dr Murphie's recommendation was to remove the steel plate that had been put in place to help her leg heal from the fracture. The plate removal surgery was successful and Tikaani recovered uneventfully after a rough first night. Doc Murphie told us that he did find infection in one of the screw sites for her plate and that is probably why Tikaani would not leave the site alone. Smart cookie that Tikaani. So, all healed and well on her way to a "normal" husky existence, all Tikaani needs is that special home that will love her the way she deserves to be loved. She does have several "special needs" that might cause her grief in her future years, but don't we all? Therefore S.H.I.N.E. is looking for that perfect home where Tikaani can flourish and be taken care of, no matter what, for the remainder of her husky life. She is of course a young female husky and everything that comes with that. Energetic, demanding, playful, snuggly, curious, mischievious and even sometimes mellow. Tikaani is crate trained, house trained and walks well on a leash, with a halti head collar but will pull you into next week if left on a harness or collar. She would do best in a home without cats, since she tends to annoy them until they run and then for her it's playtime. She does very well with children of all ages under supervision but very young children are probably not good in her home because of the danger of them re-injuring her, but not meaning to. Tikaani gets along well with other outgoing dogs of similar size. She loves to rough house play so any new canine housemate would need to be of the active playful variety but again under supervision as not to re-injure all the rehab Tikaani has already completed. She travels very well in the back of any SUV and loves to visit new places. If you would like to know more, please contact us. If you are interested in adopting Tikaani, please submit your application here. Below is what we at S.H.I.N.E. will call Tikaani's "swan song". Free, at long last. Enjoy your freedom little love, you deserve it!

UPDATE 2-18-2012: Tikaani is home at long last! She has a wonderful canine younger sister to romp with in their big back yard and 2 adult humans and 2 kid sized humans who adore her and think she is the BEST husky in the whole world! Enjoy princess, you deserve it! Stay tuned for updates from her new forever family.

Tikaani Rose

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