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ADOPTED May 2006

Very early in his life Koby knew the true life of a rescue, along with his mother , Luna, and siblings, Nela, Mitch, Oliver, and Jack. SHINE helped their savior care for the pups and their mother.

Koby was adopted at approximately 4 months old but was returned to rescue at 4 1/2 years old.

Koby had obviously grown into a people dog, but also craved the companionship of canines at times and loved to initiate play with other dogs, although he still needed some practice at it. He learned quickly how to share, just like an good pack member. Koby was totally housebroken and was sure to alert you when their was a knock at the door or something else you need to be notified about. Koby had a voice and he was not afraid to share it! About everything and anything!

Koby was a bit shy with new people but warmed up very well within a short period of time, and then became closer than your own shadow. Koby enjoyed playing fetch and worked well on his leash manners. Koby loved to play with squeaky toys and chews appropriately. His coat was much less of a shedding coat than a normal husky but needed a regular brushing to avoid tangles. Koby LOVED being outside, enjoying his surroundings and living life to its fullest!

Koby was diagnosed with mild/moderate hip displaysia and a previously dislocated hip. Koby showed NO signs of illness or inability to function normally and was a VERY active pack member while in his foster home. Our vet assured us that Koby had many, many productive years of love and adoration to give to a wonderful family.

Finally Koby's prayers were answered. He was singled out, above all other dogs at a local adoption event, by a wonderful family and now has two young boys to chase around and who throw lots of squeaky toys for him; a Mom who loves to take him on long walks; and a Dad who makes sure he has everything he could ever need!  

You can see more photos at Koby's photo wall.

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Happy Tails Koby!

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