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Misty Lee
Misty Lee
Misty Lee

Pretty Princess!!!
ADOPTED May 2006

Hello my name is Misty Lee!  I am a fun-loving, affectionate black and white little girl with baby blue eyes. I'm about one year old and I was "saved" by my foster mom in February 2006 from this place she called the "shelter". I had been there before as a puppy and then my first people took me back there. I tried to tell them I really loved them and would do anything to stay away from that shelter place, but they didn't understand me. So then one day, in walked my foster mom and she couldn't take her eyes from mine, so she took me home with her. I like to play outside, but also LOVE to snuggle on the couch and give kisses(lots of kisses) too.  I also LOVE to play with squeaky toys.  My foster mom calls me "goofy girl" because I make her laugh alot. I'm learning very well that if I need to go potty, I must do that outside and I also know some words like "sit", "down", "out", "no", "stay"-when I feel like it, "drop it", and "leave it". I just don't get along with my older foster sister, THE CAT.  My foster mom loves me and wants the best for me and my foster sister, even if she is a CAT, so she wants to find me a good home that can give me the love she wishes she could give me forever.

Misty Lee found her forever home in Chesapeake, VA where she has a mom and dad all to herself who know all the ins & outs of husky ownership and even another close family dog, Nina, to play with, when Nina says its ok.

You can see more photos at Misty Lee's photo wall.

Don't forget to check back for updates often!

Happy Tails Misty Lee!

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