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Looking for the Siberan Husky Rescue for any other part of the USA and in other countries? Click here.

Interested in one of our homeless huskies? Now you want to be owned by a Siberian Husky?
To be sure... first read some insights on true husky spirit from our president & founder. Then, here are the steps you and your family will need to go through.

1. Application:

Potential Adopter(s)/Volunteer(s) complete(s) the online application or request(s) an application by contacting SHINE and then return(s) the completed application for processing.

2. Process Application:

The Application Coordinator will acknowledge receipt of the application and then will review the application, our volunteers will check the references and then contact the potential Adopter(s)/Volunteer(s) to arrange an interview / homevisit

3. Board Review:

Once the application package is complete it is sent to the SHINE Board for final review where the application package as a whole is either approved/denied by majority vote.

If the application is only a Volunteer Application and is approved, then you are now an official SHINE Volunteer!!!

4. Meet & Greets:

If the application package is approved by the SHINE Board and the approved person(s) choose to adopt then the Adoption Coordinator will arrange the first meet & greet between the Adopter(s) and the dog(s), if that has not already occurred at a local adoption event.
Please note that these meet & greets may be numerous so as to ensure a good fit for all those involved.

5. Adoption Day:

After the above meet & greets have been completed, the Adoption Coordinator waits a mandatory 24 hours before arranging the contract / turn-over meeting. This meeting is where the Adopter(s) complete(s) the adoption paperwork and make(s) the adoption donation (minimum $100 for referrals, $200 for fosters). Then the Adoption Coordinator turns over the dog, medical history & follow up schedule to the Adopters who agree(s) to ALWAYS return the dog to S.H.I.N.E. if Adopter(s) can no longer keep the dog.
This meeting ends with the Adoption Coordinator taking a new family photo for our Happy Tails pages.

S.H.I.N.E. requests specific short term follow-up and provides lifetime support to the Adopter(s).

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