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Happy Tails


ADOPTED October 2009
RIP December 2009


Lucky, Lucky Samson!!! Has been adopted by his foster family. Happy Tails Samson, we knew you'd worm your way in one way or another! So happy things worked out for all involved. Thank you so much to you foster family who perservered painstakingly to make you "fit" into their "pack". Patience, Love and Compassion...PLC works every time!

UPDATE: Sadly, Samson went to the Rainbow Bridge in December 2009. His new family was heartbroken at the news less than a week before that Samson was fighting bone cancer and a short week later they said goodbye. His new loving family took him from 48 pounds to 80 pounds and then lost him to this dreadful disease. He loved to swim and when he couldn't go in the river, he found the sprinkler system. Samson was his sister, Sierra's buddy who ran in the fields and the woods with her and loved to help her chase squirrels. He will be missed by all - he was such a gentle soul who loved his freedom and everyone with whom he came into contact.

Please visit Samson on his photo wall here.

RIP Samson, our big boy, the hope and determination you exuded and taught your foster family to rely on will live on forever!

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